Map-based helpsourcing platform that allows users to seek and provide help.

About Us​

Outside is a map-based helpsourcing platform that allows users to seek and provide help. Outside seeks to act as an enabler for individuals so that they will be able to look for more opportunities to outsource day-to-day micro inconveniences and potentially help others in need.

Map Based​

Outside's processes are crafted for hyperlocal real-time tasks, providing much more effectiveness when browsing and posting task as nearby users will be able to better judge distance,time and costs.​

White Labelled

On-demand providers have the tendency to make their service providers walking advertisements, we believe in allowing users to perform tasks as individuals as and when they like.​

Safe and Secure

Accounts will be required to go through stringent sign up and verification process, payments will be escrowed and an e-wallet will be created to cater to greater convenience and security.

Tailored Form

Tasks are placed into categories to allow for better understanding and to reach out to target audiences easier, this includes the tailoring of questions when posting tasks and different functions available when the task is active.

Personalised Experience

Aside from the adaptive parts of the app, users are able to select categories of task they want to see/be informed about, thus making each app potentially different for every user.

Universal Account

Why download multiple apps for different kind of help you need or want to provide? Outside allows users to do all categories of help you can think of (and some that you didn't), and you don't even have to download two different app to seek for help and provide help.

How to Get Tasks Done​

1. Post New Task​

The "post new task" function can be easily located at the bottom of the landing page.

2. Select Category

Select from a grid of categories to help differentiate how the task looks on the map, this will affect the details you need to fill up next.

3. Fill in Details

Provide information as required so as to better assist other users in understanding what is required for the task, attach images if it helps.

4. And You're Set

Click Post and other users nearby who are able to help will be notified, wait and select between the offers provided and communication channels will be open till completion.

How to Help Others

1. Browse or Set up Task Alert

Browse around the map to search for interesting tasks nearby or set up your "task alert" function to get notified of tasks you may be interested in. Select based on category and proximity while we work out better filters for you.

2. Send Offer

Upon finding a task you are interested in, click on the pin to find out more about the task and send a reasonable offer based on the user's requirement and budget.

3. Communicate

If you are selected by the hirer to perform the task, make sure to use our in-app chat system which will allow you to communicate and ensure that the task details and arrangements are as stated.

4. Complete the Task

Make use of the chat to check in with the hirer for additional required details to ensure a smoother completion of task, click on "mark as completed" once the task is completed to get your due payment and leave a review for the hirer.

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