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The idea was first conceived in 2015 as a platform for people of the untapped labour market (students, housewives and elderlies) to be able to provide help via part-time and contractual jobs.

Through our journey of trying to creating the platform, our core team picked up programming in multiple languages and worked on improving the business so that we can bridge opportunities for everybody.

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Now, Outside is a community app that engages and makes it easier for users to help one another. 

Integrating the concept of tasking and in game questing, Outside leverages on geolocation technology such that users can easily post or complete daily tasks around them through “quest” pins. Functions such as task alert, in-app chat, escrow payments and e-wallet are also integrated in the application for user convenience and security.

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Partners and Associations

Nic pitching at The Start

Nicholas Lim

Co-Founder, Business Development

Dion Aw

Co-Founder, Product Development

LuXian Brueschweiler

UI / UX, Creative

Tristan Yong

Lead Developer, Operations

Tan Tu Jin

Business Strategy, Partnership

Connect with our team

Co-founder, Business Development

Nicholas Lim

Tech startup enthusiast, geek, lousiest programmer in the team. Got pitched to at an event? Very likely to be the guy you are looking for.

Co-founder, Product development

Dion Aw

Usually in the office “networking” on his computer, head of product development. Engineer by training, sometimes found with weird creations and/or his bow and arrow (approach with caution).

Creative, UX/UI

LuXian Brueschweiler

In charge of all designs, UX/UI and the implementation of front end development of website and app. A psychology major with a weird attachment to fire.

software developer, Operations

Tristan Yong

Lead software developer, works mainly on map features and database related functions. Works too hard on his job and his jokes, quite a concern really.

Business Strategy, partnership

Tan Tu Jin

Business Major, previously chairman of his school’s chess club and member of a sustainability CCA (AIESEC), pretty sure we got strategy covered.

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